Golf Course Mapping

Golf Course Mapping

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We provide Geospatial Services and Digital Mapping to sports industry with specialization in golf courses. Our services for golf courses include Topographic Mapping and Digital Golf Course Mapping.

Our portfolio includes projects from some of the largest US companies who deal in golf and other sports. We have mapped 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 and 57 holes’ golf courses in more than 10,000 projects. The golf course mapping includes capturing of trees, houses, fairways, holes, water bodies, sand traps, etc. We also have expertise in making base maps from the low-cost aerial photos and satellite imageries, and have worked on various formats like TIF, SID, JPG, ECW, etc. Our flexibility in converting one format to other works as the major advantage for our clients, helping them to achieve their objective while working within the available resources.

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