Base Map Creation

Base Map Creation

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At DIN, we have created base maps for various purposes. We have created land-use maps using satellite imageries and captured clutters. We have also created base maps for several urban local bodies for street illumination mapping, taxation jurisdiction determination etc.

Base map depicts the background reference visuals onto which other thematic map is placed. It can be a vector data and/or orthorectified imagery used to provide a reference context to the main map. Various features like road network, parcels, boundaries, administrative boundaries, shaded relief, point of interest etc. are shown.  Depending on the type of map, other features like contour, gridline, broad land use etc. are also shown. Apart from reference purpose, base maps also add to the aesthetic appeal of a map. But the main purpose of base map is first level planning; like assigning enumeration area to a census survey team, planning for setting up mobile transmission tower or network data layout planning by a utility. Base map creation often requires field verification, if it is related to a limited area and doesn’t involve imageries. Even in some cases, depending on the project requirement, limited field verification is required for collecting information related to point of interest, updating road names or some information which can’t be inferred from imageries and other secondary data etc. At times it is essential to use cartographic techniques to represent the base map properly, especially when the map is used as a backdrop of a web based data visualization.

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