Mount Analysis

Mount Analysis

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DIN with its years of experience have developed a deep understanding of Structural Mount Analysis. We enable telecom tower owners and construction organizations comply rapidly with the latest loading and structural necessities.


  • DIN provides a detailed report containing the essential data. This data will help you to perform a mount analysis such as mount geometry, existing loading, and location. Mounting information should be provided by the client.
  • Designer makes line model of the mount, applies stacking, and computes part and association powers and limits – all while maintaining the present principles implemented in that area.
  • For assessment, solver highlight is utilized as a part of RISA-3D and STAAD Pro both. The examination comes about are plainly conveyed and characterized/abridged in the customer’s answer to help speed up any extra advances if fundamental.
  • After every adjustment, the line show is changed to the match the new parameters whether it is any dimensional change, material change, or migrating hardware and assessment are done by and by running solver on the new model.
  • DIN will convey the most financially savvy answer for clients, regardless of whether that be as straightforward as migrating gear, including more steel, or changing the mount.



Loading – Antennas, tower-mounted hardware, pipe mounts, man weight, mount individuals

Mappings – Include height of mount, measurements of individuals, estimate/fitment area of pipe mounts, tower joint/association subtle elements, pipe mount association points of interest, mount stacking

Sufficiency Criteria – Primary and secondary members, pipe mounts, stabilizer arms, connections

Conditional Passing – Avoiding cost of adjustments by solutions which can move gear bringing about a passing analysis

Alterations – Feasibility appraisal for substitution of pipe mounts, expansion of kickers to give vertical adjustment as well as stabilizer arms to give even unbending nature, mount substitution

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