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Utility companies require precise mapping and field data collection services.

If they are to respond to outages, involved in the maintenance and repair of power pole and pipeline inventories, providing maps of gas lines, electric distribution grids, and water and wastewater pipelines – you need to know exactly where everything is, now and in future.

The telecom and utilities companies have been facing challenges to accurately map, model, manage and maintain their networks which help meet their new customer expectations. As a matter of fact, most utilities across the globe are still relying on inaccurate paper maps, hand-drawn notes or worker recollection to track where assets, as crucial as water or gas mains and valves or hydrants, are located. Repair and replacement of utility lines more efficiently and realize ROI quickly in an investment in utility mapping services.

Over the years, DIN Engineering Services has gained expertise in data capturing for utility mapping as well as interpretation and digitization of information on an array of utility lines. These services include Telecom networks, Electrical network, Water supply, drainage & sewerage systems etc. We at DIN Engineering Services perform Geo Referencing and Digitization of existing maps and drawings, and extract relevant utility information with precise geometry. We also offer on-going services for various types of work order processing which is essentially updating the utility network with any change orders. Further, our expertise on various dimensions of engineering know-how allows us to place the objects on technically appropriate layers.

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