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Month: April 2018

When to Outsource your Engineering Design Services

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Outsourcing of Engineering Design Services has a lot of potential provided you properly evaluate the vendor for their processes and infrastructure

In the last one decade, engineering design services outsourcing has seen multiple phases. It witnessed a steady growth in demand leading to a steep rise. This lead to the increase in a number of players. Then design outsourcing industry as a whole draw a lot of criticism for the decline in quality. The general perception about the degradation of quality has been a major concern, and the onus lies on both outsourcing companies and clients.

The rise in demand led to many freelancers entering the big market, most of which were not skilled enough to handle big and complicated projects.  Clients also failed to evaluate such service providers and fell to low cost. However, the future is still bright and full potential of engineering design services is yet to be explored. The outsourcing service providers need to educate clients about their ability to handle complex projects and assure them of the processes which will lead to on-time delivery.

Clients must properly evaluate the companies to check the credibility. For the big projects one-off visit to the outsourcing centers will also add to the trust vital for long-term partnership. There are several things you should check out for before outsourcing your engineering design services:

  • A dedicated project manager who is available to handle your queries and guide you through the entire course of project delivery
  • Trained resources who understand the domain and can complete your project in a given span of time, and can accommodate increasing demand.
  • Processes set by the company to ensure quality, meeting deadlines, and smooth communication
  • Infrastructure that guarantees to safeguard your data and assure NDAs are non-negotiable
  • DIN has been actively working over the last 15 years to create infrastructure and mature processes which can meet rapid changes in the industry. The strength of our resources has now reached close to 500 who are trained on CAD and other third-party tools. We can handle big and complex projects, communicate in different time zones. Further, our SLA performance is calculated on quality and on-time delivery. If you any query about our processes please drop us an email at sales@dinllp.com

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