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Month: May 2018

Residential Solar Design Service to Get a Boost in California

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The Residential solar sector including solar design services is set to get a boost, post announcement of compulsory solar installations on all new homes in California.

The U.S residential solar sector was witnessing a slow growth in the last few years but the decision on solar installation in all new homes will give a much-needed boost to the entire solar sector. According to an analysis from GTM Research, the new standards are expected to increase solar sales by  14%  over 4 years.  California Energy Commission (CEC) has said that in 2020 nearly 75,000 new homes are expected to be built statewide. This will directly account for 23 percent of new installations.

Solar Installers will be looking to grab this opportunity. But there is not much clarity over economics and financial viability of the entire project. Installers are expected to bid via house developers. Although this will eliminate customer-acquisition costs, but one can expect huge competition over pricing which may cut down on margins. Installers will be looking to cut down costs at various other stages like design services. Residential Solar Design Services companies have to provide the best cost for a short turnaround time without comprising on quality.

The ideal Solar Design company in this big project need to have a set up which can accommodate huge demand and has experts who can deliver the best quality. DIN Engineering Services is a known name in US Solar Market for Solar Design Services and has worked with leading installers. We now have close to 500 Solar Designers who are experienced in residential services.  Our SLA guaranteed quality ensures the clients get the accurate designs, in the minimum turnaround time.

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