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Month: June 2018

How Solar Tariff is Going to Impact the Industry

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The newly imposed tariffs can have a negative impact on the growing solar industry, but solar design services have a role to play here.

The new tariffs on Solar Sector have already started impacting the entire industry. As per Reuters, more than $2.5 billion worth of investments are already canceled or froze. This is leading to massive job loss in the industry. Though tariffs are directed at boosting the domestic manufacturing industry in the US, but that may take some time to show results.

Installers who heavily rely on imported panels are going to the most affected. The higher cost of domestically produced solar panels or paying the newly imposed 30% tariff on imported panels won’t be easy. Passing the rising cost to end consumer is also not the solution. That may jeopardize the complete ecosystem on which solar industry witnessed an exponential rise in the past decade.

Installers need to find a solution through which they can cut down on costs. The most ideal approach in this situation will be to find other components of total cost, where money can be saved. One of the components in this situation will be finding an outsourced solar design services partner. Design services in big volume can help the installers to reduce their costs. This benefit can be directly passed to the end consumer.

A known name in the solar design services in the US, DIN Engineering services is operating since last 15 years. We have the experience of working with some of the leading solar players in the business. DIN focus on partnering with solar installers, EPCs, OEMs, and contractors in the US to bring in efficiencies for Solar Designs and Engineering Drawings. Our mature processes, robust infrastructure, and more than 450 skilled designers help us to provide best solar design services at an affordable rate. Watch the video below to catch a short glimpse on our solar design services.

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