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Month: July 2019

Outsourcing As-Built Drawings

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As-Built Drawings are needed for various needs. They are required by facility managers, who need to have accurate and precise information regarding a facility, to develop a facility Management program and schedule.

Architects and Interior Designers need As-Built drawings for Re-modeling or a Renovation project. New spaces are created, of existing services need improved. Some of the existing elements, such as walls, doors, windows may need to be demolished to create new spaces. Building Systems, such as plumbing, electrical or mechanical lines may be re-routed.

DIN delivers, accurate as-built Revit Models and Drawings based on a wide range of inputs. These inputs may include, legacy scanned drawings in PDF, DWG Files and Point Cloud.

As-Built Models for Facility Management

DIN delivers As-Built 3d BIM Models and schedules for Facility Managers. Highly detailed Revit Models to LOD 500 are created. LOD 500 models precisely locate all building elements and assemblies. Schedules are generated as per specifications and scope provided.

As-Built Models for Architects & Interior Designers

DIN Delivers As-Built Models to provide existing conditions for renovation or remodeling projects. These Revit/BIM models may include, exterior skin, Interior partitions, Casework, and Millwork, Reflected Ceiling Plans with all lighting, fire-detection, and fire fighting fixtures. In addition, the model may also contain Structure and MEP Models. Such detailed and multi-disciplinary models can help Architects and Interior Designers take informed decisions in a remodeling or renovation project.

PDF to BIM Conversion

Scans of legacy drawings are typically low-resolution raster. This is because they are typically hand drawn. Experienced BIM Modelers can convert PDF scans to accurate complete 3D BIM Models. This accuracy is a result of our proprietary process. Dimensions are always read and missing or unreadable information is interpolated.

DWG to BIM Conversion

DWG files are typically 2D Drawings of floor plans, elevations, Sections, and details. DIN Team, converts 2D Drawings to complete 3D Revit/ BIM Models. The entire process is manual and does not utilize any automatic conversion scripts or tools. The level of detail (LOD) is based on desired LOD level as well as the information available in the DWG files.

Scan to BIM Conversion

DIN Team converts raw scans generated to scanning cameras or Matterport are converted to complete 3D BIM Model. Experienced BIM Modelers are able to collate various supplemental inputs to deliver highly accurate Revit BIM Model.

Scan to BIM Services

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Experts at DIN Engineering delivers As Built Revit models and 2D Drawings. Having successfully delivered more than 300 projects, our team is able to provide fast and accurate Scan to BIM 3D Revit Models.

The range of projects that we’ve on includes, Medical Facilities, Retail Chains, Convenience Stores, Auto Service & Repair Facilities and Animal Hospitals.

Our Process

All inputs are evaluated for integrity and corroborated for accuracy. The raw scans are processed using Autodesk Recap and converted to.RCP files to be imported to Revit. Point Cloud scale is re-checked against field measurements and other inputs to evaluate the Point Cloud scale.

A checklist and project-specific manual are created for the use of a Project team. This ensures the team follows Project Scope, Project Standards, and LOD and is able to deliver high-quality Scan to BIM Model

Our Process broadly follows the steps defined below

  • Inputs
    • Evaluate
    • Process
    • Corroborate
  • Convert to Revit
    • QC
    • Review
    • Corrections
  • Deliver

QC Process

At DIN we follow a strict QC process and begins the moment, Point Cloud is imported to Revit. This ensures accurate scaling. The second level of QC is done when all major elements are modeled to ensure compliance with Project Scope and LOD to be followed.

Typical Inputs

Typical inputs that we receive include Raw Scan files in XYZ format, Matterport 360 Tour, Field Measurements and Photographs.

What do we deliver?

We deliver, Revit Model that includes Revit Architecture, Structure & MEP disciplines

& Sheets, AutoCAD DWG files of Revit Sheets, and PDF.

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