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We care for the society

We believe that Technological and Economic Development has put India on the path of high growth. However, disparities exist in different woks of life. We believe that as a society we need to come together for bridging the economic gaps. We, as a society need to come together and work towards bridging these gaps through a focused approach and taking actions that deliver concrete and quantifiable outcomes.

We have LENS Foundation, which stands of Learning, Empowerment, Nutrition and Skill Development just as it stands for a magnifier to see the minute forms of gaps and biases of a society divided between haves and have-nots.

At LENS Foundation, we take up or participate in projects which allow direct action at the grassroots addressing the fundamental causes of poverty and inequality. We support projects that ensure that no one is deprived of opportunities, choices, resources and access to knowledge to overcome poverty and lead an empowered life.


We are a team of dedicated professionals, social activists, educationists, policy consultants, thinkers and concerned individuals who believe in utilizing their experience and social capital to give back to the society. We have come together with the idea of taking specific and targeted actions to bridge critical gaps wherever feasible or just be facilitators where direct intervention is not an option and bring about an improvement in the lives of those in need of support.

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