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Evacuation Plans

Evacuation Plans

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We provide drafting support services to create emergency evacuation plans and escape routes, showing all the exit locations in offices, schools, restaurants or any other building. Our scope of work includes safety plans, evacuation plans (You Are Here), and much more.

We have been providing drafting support services to our offshore clients by documenting 2D and 3D Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans. The plans include placement of Site Map of the building, Fire Extinguishers, Alarm Signals, Assembly Point, etc. We have our offshore partners who help design the evacuation plans as per the standards of respective countries.

We start with the input given by the client that may be a good floor plan or any image/ sketch that can guide us to draw the floor plans. As soon as the floor plans are made and approved by the client, the safety symbols and evacuation routes are designed as per the received guidelines from the client. In case a good floor plan is not available, we also take up conversion job to first make the floor plans from whatever source of information is available with the client and then work on the fire evacuation plan.

Our final output is customized as per the client’s standards. We incorporate templates, title blocks, symbols, etc. as per the client’s specification; and deliver the output in the required format. The final outputs are mostly delivered in DWG, SketchUp or Adobe Illustrator formats.

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