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Positional Accuracy Improvement Services

by admin
To help clients improve and maintain their service quality, DIN provides positional accuracy improvement services for any change in network planning base maps.

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing mapping technology, utilities have to improve their network planning base maps. DIN’s deep expertise in network planning and more than a decade of experience of working with global utilities, enables the client to leverage our positional accuracy improvement services for any kind of change, edit, and update in the base map.

The following Positional Accuracy Improvement Services are offered:

  • ERTS89 Transformation
  • Base map update / accuracy improvement
  • PAI for detail map and overview map
  • PAI for gas, water, electricity base map
  • Homogenization service
  • Post-homogenization service
  • Network data quality checking
  • Piloting
  • Cost estimation for mass data homogenization
  • Continuous homogenization process
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