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DIN is a global leader for BIM and CAD drafting services with key clients in 20+ countries. We are a group of 500+ professionals from Architecture, Engineering, Structure and MEP domains. With over 2 decades of professional experience – we are well known in global market. We have a passionate BIM team. You can WIN with DIN for any BIM project.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority which keeps us self-motivated for fast turnaround of projects with guaranteed quality. We are a trusted BIM outsourcing company for various global clients for Architects, Contractors, survey companies and many more clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Services to DIN:-

1. Increased profit and ROI: – You can keep focusing on your core services and expand your business without worrying about over-head and project execution. You can engage with us for all of your CAD and BIM projects work with a cost effective hourly / site wise rate.
2. Lesser rate: – The hourly or site wise rate can be low as compared to the cost you may have to pay to get the work done in your area. Since currency value of US, UK and Canada emerges to be stronger than India, outsourcing your assignments to India can be extremely profitable.
3. 24 hours working benefit: – We have BIM teams who are working in day and night shifts. As per your needs – we can avail our teams for day and night work.
4. Guaranteed Quality: – We can assure you high quality deliverables. Since we are in this industry since 1999 and we have qualified BIM Architects, Civil and Mechanical Engineers so you can trust on us for guaranteed quality.
5. Time Zone Advantage: – Outsourcing to DIN will gives you an excellent difference in time. Companies in US, UK etc. can have a difference of 12 hours, so send your projects at night and have those ready by your next morning.

We offer Architectural, Structural and MEP domains BIM Services for As-built 3D Models and Drawings for diverse Residential, Commercial and Industrial structures. We have successfully provided Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services, as built 3d models, Structural 3d models and various MEP projects to various BIM companies.

The intelligent BIM models created by us will contain all the building data embedded in it which includes beams, columns, ceilings, roofs, walls, ducts and pipes etc. DIN team members are expert in providing highly detailed and precise BIM services. We cover BIM services – Scan to BIM, Architectural BIM Modeling, Structural BIM Modeling, MEP BIM Modeling, Clash detection Services, MEP BIM Coordination, MEP Drafting Services, Revit Family Creation, Architectural CAD Drafting, Architectural Construction Drawings, 3D Rendering Services and CAD Drafting Services.

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