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Disha 2018 – Annual Company Event

Disha 2018 – Annual Company Event

by admin

DIN held its annual company event “Disha” (forward thinking) on 18th Feb 2018.

The event started with a great team bonding session, where everyone participated in fun and challenging team building games.

The tired but happy team then moved onto a scrumptious lunch, which was followed by important company announcements. Anuj Gupta – CEO, talked at length about company’s new goals for the year 2018. He expressed his gratitude to all the employees for their dedication and hard work, and announced new employee centric policies which were received with a big round of applause from a strong 300+ DIN family.

The event was continued with astonishing performances from the immensely talented team members of DIN. While some people entertained with their dance and singing, there were few who mesmerized the crowd through their words via poetry and comedy acts. Best acts were rewarded with the prizes. This time DIN also provided a platform to family members of the team, and two little girls stole the show with their breath-taking dance performances. Both the girls were awarded a special prize.

Finally, the moment came for which everyone was eagerly waiting for – Rewards and Recognition for the people who had performed exceptionally well in the past one year. Awards like Quality Star, Customer Management, Risk Taker, Maximizer, Best Team, and Leadership awards were given for providing a remarkable contribution towards client’s goals. The most awaited and prestigious award of the evening “Employee of the Year” was given to Mr. M.S. Mehta, who had contributed a great deal to company’s growth in past one year. The company also facilitated all the employees who had spent more than 10 years with DIN. There were smiles all around listening to their nostalgic journey.

In the end, everyone hit the dance floor and the event was concluded with a thank you note from the CEO. Everyone bid adieu with a feeling that only left them more motivated and positive.


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