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Permit-ready Plan Set – What You Should Look for Before Outsourcing

Permit-ready Plan Set – What You Should Look for Before Outsourcing

by admin

When you are looking for Permit-ready plan set services, it becomes vital to look for an outsourcing partner which has matured processes in place.

The biggest reason companies outsource their Permit-ready plan set services is to reduce their operating costs or lack of in-house expertise. But these reasons can backlash if the outsourcing partner doesn’t have processes in place. Often companies complain that they outsourced CAD services but quality came out to be pretty low, and all the cost savings were burned in the rework. Apart from cost and quality, the company also loses a lot of time in training and giving feedback. Thus it becomes vital to look for an outsourcing partner which has matured processes in place. Here are some things you should look for while selecting PV Permitting services provider.

Managerial Control

An experienced management staff can save you ample of time. They understand fine nuances of solar designs and carry the experience of working across various jurisdictions, which ensure a seamless transition of work. It frees you from the constant monitoring, thus allowing you to devote time in more critical functions of the business.

Hidden Costs

It can cost less to pay an outsourcing company than to complete a job in-house. But if iterations cost are not discussed beforehand, the project can eventually cost you a lot more. Depending upon the complexity, there can be a lot of iterations. Ensure that your partner vendor clarifies everything upfront.

Trained Resource

As discussed above, there can be a lot of iterations and they can be too many if you are working with freshers who don’t have much exposure in the solar domain. An ideal Permit-ready plan sets service provider has qualified and experienced resources. They are competent enough to handle your project efficiently and smoothly, and deliver optimal quality.

Security or Confidentiality

When you hand over the control to another company, it’s always risky. Without saying, security and confidentiality are prerequisites which cannot be compromised. A trusted partner for your PV permitting services should have their NDAs in place and robust internal security system to safeguard your data.


With outsourcing partners operating from locations in different time zones, communication always remains a challenge which can affect timely delivery. You should understand their process on how they manage the time zone difference.

After years of experience and understanding client’s challenges, we have developed matured processes which are in sync with client’s expectations.  Our SLA performance is calculated on quality and on-time delivery. We regularly share the Quality scorecard that included Pareto Analysis, Trendlines, Heatmaps, and Plans to ensure continuous improvement. Further, our dedicated and skilled workforce of 300+ PV Design engineers ensure that we can deliver the projects within 24 hours. To manage the time zone difference, we overlap a couple of our working hours with client’s timezone. If you have any query about our processes or how we can partner to provide best PV permitting services, please drop us an email at sales@dinllp.com.

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