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Solar Design

Solar Design

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DIN Engineering Services is a leading provider of Solar PV Installation Design & Drawing Services.

We are focused on partnering with solar installers and contractors to bring efficiency in the design and drawings of the installations.

  • Tailored designs based on different cities and counties’ codes and regulations, allowing for a smooth submittal the first time/submission in the first go.
  • Providing project proposals-to-Interconnection Services.



We have extensive experience in designing Residential Solar System. We provide a variety of services in this sector, ranging from sales to interconnection. Our team has in-depth knowledge of AHJ and Utility requirements, and is acquainted with various codes and compliances.

Proposal Drawings:

We provide accurate proposal documents for solar installers, helping them to gain business. DIN Engineering Services India Engineering provides less than 12 hour turnaround to customers enabling them to pace up the signing up process. We just need the address of the locality, and we will create the proposal drawings by which the estimated system size can be determined.

Permit Drawings (On-Grid & Off-Grid)

We provide PV Permit and Installation design drawings for Residential PV Systems. Our designs meet the National Electric Codes (NEC) and local municipality standards. We are proficient in Flush Roof Mount, Tilt Roof Mount, Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, Ground Mount, Micro-inverters, etc.

Design Changes/Revisions

Changes occur in the proposed solar system many times. DIN Engineering Services can step in at any stage and can take the design forward. We can work on changing racking, electrical equipment, mounting planes, etc., and can provide you quick turnaround of as low as 12 hours.

As-built Drawings

The As-built Drawings show how the system was actually installed and reflect any changes made to the design during installation. If as-built drawings are not produced, the client will not have a record of how the system was actually installed.

To enable the client to have the most recent drawings, we provide the as-built drawings services to our customers. We require either hand sketch of the changes made during the installations or the photographs so that we can amend those in the drawings.


We have successfully designed several commercial projects (1MW to 5MW) with different types for racking systems on roof, carports and ground mounts. We are equipped to prepare the PV array layouts, mounting details, BOS Elevations shading analysis, Electrical 3 line and single line diagrams etc.

  • Freestanding structures
    Extensive experience in designing the PV System on a free standing structure like Carports, Single Axis tracking, Dual axis tracking system and Ground mount racking.
  • Roof top
    We have worked on several roof top commercial designs ranging from few kW to MW. We have designed this with various racking and module manufacturers. We have created right from rough sketches to the construction documents. We provide full installation details of the solar system along with the required drawings needed by the authorities.
  • Ground Mount
    Designed Ground mounts for flat and sloping grounds using various racking systems. We can provide detailed arrangement drawings for ground mount systems including the overviews from all directions.

Utility Scale Designs

We have worked on numerous utility scale solar projects (1MW to 120MW). We have expertise in single axis, dual axis and fixed tilt systems. We can provide all the E and L category drawings including 3 line diagrams, interconnection line diagram, construction details and 3D sketch-up models for presentation purposes.

PVSYST Simulations

We use the PVsyst version 6 PREMIUM – the most powerful software for photovoltaïc systems, for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems.

Incentive Application Filing Services

Incentive Application Filing Services for Energy Storage Rebates Like the Self-Generation Incentive Program SGIP for Solar Batter Storage. We help create new SGIP applications leading to the RRF draft and filling out other forms and making them ready for the Company admin to review and to actually submit into the program.

SGIP offers financial incentives and includes net energy metering (NEM) programs, there are many distributed generation interconnection programs offered including with PG&E, SCE and SDG&E.

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