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DIN Engineering Services has vast experience in project design of mini and roof top wind generation units.

Our designers can help in the short listing of placement sites, electric transmission placement, etc. for roof top wind generation units for electricity generation. We work primarily on low rise urban/suburban or rural areas. We help contractors to project Annual Energy Production (kWh) and number of years for return on investment by analyzing Predicted average wind speed and seasonal variance.

With our understanding of the house level energy generation units, we offer specialized services in the roof top wind generation units from different project stages, be it from pre-feasibility, planning, engineering, implementation, designing of wind farms, etc.We provide the following services in this sector:

We provide the following services in this sector:

  • Selection of placement sites
  • Roof plan with structural design
  • Designing setbacks for required distances from neighbouring housing sites
  • Electrical Line Diagram
  • BOM Preparation.
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