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Natural Resources

Natural Resources

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Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources are the main source of economy of a nation and they should be managed judiciously.

Most aspects of Natural Resource Management require detail information of base-line i.e. the information on the current distribution and quantity available and how it has changed in the past. Such information was traditionally collected from field through a survey; but now various remote sensing methods also contribute to it. The digital database using geographical information system and other analytical programs allow natural resource planner and managers to analyze and take decisions in the management of these resources.

DIN Engineering Services with its diverse resource pool and experience in environment planning, geology, remote sensing, software application, etc. is serving this sector for above 10 years in the global market. We provide GIS services for Natural Resource Management to the following sectors:

  • Agriculture & Forest
  • Geology & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water Resources
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