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Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture & Forestry

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In the field of Agriculture and Forestry, GIS is progressing from a macro analytical study to planning and management, and in many instances, it has reached to the micro level where individual farmers are using it for various types of information management.

In the process, Remote Sensing data has contributed a lot in arriving at certain results. By using Remote Sensing data through GIS analytical techniques, research institutes and government decision-making bodies are analyzing the cropping pattern, land use classification, land degradation, forest density and distribution, agricultural disease and pest infection, etc. But with the advent of the web and mobile GIS, it has reached the doorsteps of farmers. Using these modern communication systems, they are getting the spatial data about market intelligence and weather, and also able to interact with the agencies for monetary transaction e.g. subsidy, compensation or return on their crop sale.

At DIN Engineering Services, we bring this intelligence to the data, using analytical methods, digital conversion, and tagging. Our team of experts comes with varied expertise in remote sensing and aerial image interpretation, agricultural subsidy mapping and groundwater analysis.

Farm Area Calculation

At DIN Engineering Services, we have mapped agricultural farm boundaries by referring to aerial imageries and plat maps for a number of counties in the US. Based on these digital maps, the farm area owned by individual farmers was verified.

Crop Determination

By analyzing the aerial photos spread over different time periods, we have finalized the dominant and current crop type of each farmland and classified them according to different crop types. This data along with other associated data will help the agencies to determine the cost of compensation or required intervention.

Agricultural Land Use and Acreage Estimation

Using remote sensing data, we have created agricultural land use maps. In some, the refined training statistics generated using the multi-bands data were used for supervised classification using maximum likelihood.
The above information, viz. identification of agricultural area, mapping farming area and determining crop type have helped agricultural agencies to arrive at acreage estimation of the area of interest and take appropriate decisions.

Forest Mapping and Change Detection

Comparing the forest jurisdiction map and actual green cover within the jurisdiction, we have prepared valuable input for Environmental Impact Assessment studies. Our dedicated team also has the expertise of carrying out change detection studies based upon temporal variation in imageries. Such studies will help the planners and ecologists to identify areas of concern or progress.

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