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Geology and Mines

Geology and Mines

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In the mining sector, GIS is used in all the three stages: exploration, extraction and management.

We work on various mapping/drafting activities related to all the three stages. While doing this, we use all possible kinds of inputs; be it scans of vintage paper maps, remote sensing imageries or LiDAR data. We create maps and plans as well as cross sections, and also process imageries, which are useful for geologists and miners to focus their attention on their core competence areas. The integration of several types of data in a viewable analyzed format makes the decision process easier. Using spatial software solutions and decision-making systems, the management of the mining activity knows no bounds. Not only for mining, but GIS is also used for various types of geological analysis, including ground water monitoring and modeling and land suitability for urban land uses as well as geothermal energy tapping.

Geological Mapping

Geological maps represent the composition and structure of geologic material at the Earth’s surface and at depth, and depict these observations and interpretations on maps, using symbols and colours. At DIN Engineering Services, we have created an integrated geodatabase of geological maps by referring and interpreting the vintage paper maps. Structural features like faults and lineaments were drawn with strike and dip values, which gave these features three-dimensional orientations.

Apart from planning for mining, geological maps are also used for various purposes, such as assessment of ground-water potential and quality, predicting landslide hazards, land management and land use planning for a variety of things like landfills, road and rail network, etc.

Borehole Mapping

At DIN Engineering Services, we have experience of working with borehole data. Geological records of boreholes, shafts and wells collected through field survey and site investigation made by our clients are digitized, and spatial point data as well as cross sections are created by our technicians.

Mine tunnel and shaft mapping

It is often seen that while expanding the mining activity, new tunnels are planned that need to be in sync with the old tunnels. We convert the old plans into a digital format and then draft the new tunnels and shafts.

Mining Cadastre Mapping

Using remote sensing data, we have created mining land use maps. In some, the refined training statistics generated using the multi-bands data were used for supervised classification using maximum likelihood.

3D Visualization using LiDAR

By importing the LiDAR data into the geodatabase using multi-point geometry, we have generated contours for our mining clients and also 3D terrain data for further use. This not only helps in operational management, but also in analyzing various complex modelling issues for planning purposes.

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