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Water Resources

Water Resources

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Water is abundant on earth, but it is the paucity of freshwater that makes this resource so critical.

GIS is used to manage this resource effectively by visually representing different scenarios. We follow a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates knowledge from GIS, Computer-aided Cartography, Charts and Cross-sections of multivariate geo-spatial data. At times, these are shown in 3D with dynamic cartographic models for efficient analysis and effective information management and dissemination. Some of the studies that are made in this sector using GIS are broadly classified below:

  • Water demand projections
  • Water flow and availability analysis
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Water-induced disasters


In most of the regional studies related to water, watershed is the basic area of interest. All the observations (e.g. precipitation, run-off, surface and groundwater flows, etc.) are recorded within a watershed. All of these quantities are measured or estimated within a watershed or its smaller unit, which is micro watershed, and their characteristics can be analyzed and graphically displayed in GIS.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data are overlaid with hydrographic data so that the boundaries of a watershed can be delineated. Watershed delineation helps the scientists in understanding inter-linkages of various physical. We at DIN Engineering Services have worked on a couple of watershed delineation and stream hierarchy determination projects.

Surface Water

The boundaries of rivers or even enclosed water bodies are not static. These change seasonally as well as over the years. Using satellite imageries of different time scale, spread over a longer duration, the changing shape of meanders have been digitized for an academic project.
Surface water usage and pollution levels have been spatially represented and interlinked by us for helping our clients in carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment.


Hydrogeology is concerned with the manner in which groundwater is stored underneath the earth surface and its availability and suitability for use. Our team is well trained in borehole data entry and creating spatial data of borehole locations. We also have knowledge of 3D cross-section and block diagram generation using ArcScene. Water table height, location of aquifers, and groundwater flow direction are among the few quantitative values which are analyzed and represented geo-spatially for various types of planning.

Flood Management

At DIN Engineering Services, we have mapped the localities prone to “Urban Flood” as categorized by FEMA for the defined area of interest. This was done using historical flooding data and maps. We also mapped the area under the jurisdiction of the agencies and investigated flooding incidents where there is uncertainty over responsibility. We assisted our client to prepare various “what–if” scenarios such as excessive rainfall, water surge, etc.

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