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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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DIN brings its years of expertise and skill set in mechanical engineering services to bring complex designs to reality. Our expert team of designers is specialized in helping clients across industries.

An explicit and well-defined design is essential to the production of a great product. Design’s importance can be attributed to a fact that majority of the manufacturing costs of a product (cost of materials, processing, and assembly) are determined by design decisions.

Our designs will capture all the information required to manufacture and assemble the components of the product accurately. The size and shape of each component, projection views of all sides, machining and casting tolerances, production process, standard conventions, material & finish information and clear specifications would be included in the drawings to enable a precise production process.

We ensure our drawings comply with industry standards and perfectly describe the product.

Our mechanical engineering services encompass Assembly drawings, General Arrangement drawings, Fabrication drawings, Process Drawings, and Part Drawings.

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