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Staffing Services

Staffing Services

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DIN’s staffing services allow you to have an access to an extensive network of talent that helps you undertake your time-bound projects, without increasing your headcount.

Effective staff management leads to enhanced efficiency and cost effectiveness. Understanding this, our staff augmentation services enable you to get proficient and trained professionals. DIN acts as a partner in sourcing & managing qualified candidates which best fits your requirement.

There are different staff augmentation services, amongst which you can choose as per your requirement and budget.

  1. Contractual
  2. Permanent
  3. Periodic
  4. Offshore

Our staff augmentation service is the perfect solution for you if you want to escape the taxing process of hiring and retaining. Through staff augmentation you can focus on your projects rather than spending time & money on non-core task. Along with transparency and confidentiality, you will obtain benefits like:

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Time-saving
  3. Access to competent professionals
  4. Domain- and skill-specific recruitment
  5. Client-centric model with dedicated Account Manager

Thus, with the extensive screening process and pool of skilled resource, we assure that you get a dedicated staff on board that best suits your demands. We enable you to quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational and business objectives.

Contractual Staffing

It is one of the most viable options for minimising attrition in an organization. Besides you get the advantage of flexibility in terms of decision making as you can change the team size as per the demand of the project. Dimension India gets you the best resource that meets your skill set demand. The employment term is again your choice – It could be a short term, medium term or a long term.

You can take the resource on your payroll after completing 6 months with us.

Permanent Staffing

Experienced professionals can contribute immensely towards the growth of your business. We have proven expertise and extensive database that guides you in getting the right resource for your organisation. For finding the permanent member of your team, we follow a stringent screening process, written and personal interview as well as references.

Periodic Staffing

With the changing demand of the project, you may have to hire certain members for your team and for this, our Periodic Staffing Solution is perfect. For the defined period, you get an employee who perfectly suits the job profile, in terms of knowledge as well as experience.

Offshore Staffing

As your strategic partner, we offer you resource that works only for your offshore projects. You have the option to add or reduce staff, besides all other decision making power. The communication channels are always open for you and your team, which works according to your requirements.

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