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Pole Loading Analysis

Pole Loading Analysis

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With more than a decade of experience in the telecom sector, DIN Engineering Services through its pole loading analysis enables its customers to analyze structural identity of a pole.

We are experienced working with AutoCAD, and pole structural analysis software, to perform electric utility pole loading analysis studies. Our engineering back-office team in India is capable to use RISA 3D, O-CALC or PLS CADD for the design and layout of electric utility distribution system projects in customer GIS and process platforms.

There are several forces that affect a pole. These forces can be anything – cable, hardware, etc. We provide pole loading analysis services which take into account all the forces for safety compliance. DIN uses the information from pole survey (provided by the client) and uses latest tools to calculate the load on the pole and analyze. We share the findings with the client which help them to eliminate and mitigate risks factors.

Under our cost-effective pole loading analysis, we perform structural and stress analysis. As per these analyses, we suggest appropriate changes such as guying changes, pole strengthening, and pole replacement design. We undertake clearance analysis by producing pole tip height, attachment heights, wire diameters, and relative measurements. DIN has a strong team of 300+ design engineers and with our years of work with some of the leading telecom companies across the world, we also offer make ready engineering services which include space allocation, make ready diagrams, and application preparations.

If you have a query about our pole loading analysis and make ready engineering services, please drop us an email at sales@dinllp.com

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