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Utility Mapping

Utility Mapping

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We develop digital maps of all electrical features for the entire area of interest.

This involves the digitization of various electrical features, viz. Substation Circuit Breaker, Primary and Secondary Wires, Transformers, Poles, etc. The geodatabase designs for projects are structured keeping in mind the specific end-user modelling and engineering analytical functionality interests. Electric device features reside in the geodatabase as separate features to provide separate behaviour in modelling scenarios.

Electric devices and conductor features in the model are provided with a parent-child connectivity relationship, which is significant for network analysis. The resultant GIS represents the integration of electric device equipment information previously only retrievable via field visits and drawers-full of highly detailed hand-drawn underground electric utility plans into one seamless utility wide map. The objective is to place spatial data and attribute information in such a manner that can be utilized to: Minimize its cost and maximize its resources, design/work order processing, and equipment maintenance and network analysis.

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